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Week 19 Race Ready

Week 20 Race Ready

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Week 22 Race Ready

Week 23 Race Ready

Week 24 Race Week

North Frisco CrossFit Athlete Endurance Training

These workouts are designed for the CrossFit athlete that is looking for more endurance and stamina during their daily WODs.  Follow the 2 weekday runs for endurance and all 3 if you want to run a 10K to half marathon.  18 week Endurance and 6 week Open Endurance workouts should be performed as a daily WOD before or after strength WOD.

Thursday Night Endurance Training at North Frisco CrossFit

These workouts are designed for the endurance athlete and are 35-45 minutes in length.  Scale when necessary. (H) denotes Hero WOD.

Endurance 21/22

Endurance 23/24


VDotO2 Program Runs for Marathon and Half Marathon  

Program runs will be the 40 and 25 mile weeks.

Endurance 17/18

Endurance 19/20